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About us

MBAtious is 100% free online MBA preparation forum that connects MBA aspirants to a wonderful learning experience through quality content and talented mentors. The site offers a holistic learning model through regular interaction from industry leaders and alumni of reputed business schools via various forums related to management disciplines and academics. MBAtious is driven by collaborative learning and content driven discussions which helps aspirants to prepare for various management entrances like CAT, XAT and GMAT. Lot of good quality lessons and practice questions are available to improve the skills on various sections like quantitative analysis, verbal ability, reasoning etc... Learn more and help others to learn through this forum. And yes, do not forget to invite your friends and acquaintances to the world of MBAtious.

A lot of effort has happened behind MBAtious. Thousands of lines of code were written so that we can utilize the features as we see now. Countless hours were spent in collecting and creating the content to start with… A lot more effort is required to take MBAtious to a level where it justifies the purpose it was made for. Hope MBAtious helps you to make the most of your talents and also to utilize your preparation time better. Together we can make our lives better and easier. Wishing you all the very best in achieving your dreams.

Connect…. Collaborate… Cultivate…!

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